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08TO80 .com is committed to 100% satisfied customers.

In practice we see that we get a negligible number of returns.

All purchases over  € 11, - can be returned or exchanged.

How to avoid returns?

  1. before you start ordering please read our General Terms & Conditions  .
  2. before ordering please use our size chart 
  3. please read the descriptions of our items thoroughly
  4. in case of doubt please send your question by e-mail to

Conditions Return Policy

  1. you can return the items within 10 days after delivery, if reasonably possible, original packaging and unused, prepaid return it to us. You are responsible for the cost of returningUnpaid returns will not be accepted by us because we have to pay a fine for these packages.
  2. all returns must be announced by e-mail via 
  3. If there is a serious suspicion of use of the controlled articles, then we reserve the right not to compensate. You will be notified by us via e-mail
  4. during 10 calendar days from the purchase date of your article, you can return your shipment, provided that compliance with our terms of delivery, swapping for a replacement article or articles from our collection of a minimum of the original purchase value. 
  5. Orders up to € 11, - can not be exchanged.


Customer Service

By E-mail:

Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! If you would like to ask a quest​ion or you have a request or a remark to® don't hesitate to contact us, we kindly ask you to send us an E-mail to:

Normally we will answer your questions within 2 working days.

By Phone:

Calling international:

+ 00 31 88- 44 66 888

(you must first dial the applicable International Dialing Prefix)

Calling within the Netherlands:

088 - 44 66 888